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We offer flexible consulting approaches. For past clients, we have provided:

Pinpoint UX/BA Consulting: Do you have a short-term, immediate need? We provide fast turnaround consulting with meeting presentations and day-long or half-day seminars focused on your most pressing concerns and questions.

Project-based UX/BA Consulting
: Do your IT project teams need UX or BA support? We quickly integrate into IT teams to understand their training needs and set up a training schedule.

Support for Remote Users: Does your global company have geographically dispersed teams who need UX/BA training? We have the experience and the technology expertise to conduct effective remote meetings that provide high-quality UX and BA training.

We accept either 1099-fixed price contracts or W-2 contracts.

Training Services





Chatham Design Consulting is located in North Carolina, adjacent to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Resarch Triangle Park.

                                                                  Email: merrill@chathamdesign.com                                                              


> UX Heuristic Evaluation of applications and websites

> Usability Testing (formal and informal) and user
   acceptance testing (UAT)

> User requirements gathering, definition and analysis
   (persona and scenario development)

> Formal BA documentation (functional requirements, Visio
   flow diagrams)
> UX team building, training, and integration into corporate IT

> Executive-level presentations describing UX Best Practices
   and their ROI

> Wireframing user interface designs

> Prototyping (low to high-fidelity user interfaces)