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Great User Experience = Software that makes it easy and enjoyable for users to accomplish their tasks

Yes, it's easy to describe, but often hard to achieve...as software development organizations (of all sizes) have learned.

I know what needs to be done, and I know how to transfer that knowledge to software project teams.

The articles and presentations below are samples of the UX training I offer, A selection is available here for viewing.*


UX Training Portfolio

"Rethinking the Path to Usability: How to Design What Users Really Want"   (IEEE ITPro Magazine, PDF - 3.5mb)

Incorporating Usability Testing into a Software Test Plan  (ppt - 315kb)

User Profiling: The Starting Point for Delivering Information That Satisfies Your Customers    (ppt - 194kb)

"Touch Me! Reinventing a Business Application for the Touch Screen"    (User Experience Magazine, PDF - 780kb)

"Using Touch-screen Technology to Improve Customer Service"     (Talking Shop, Grocery Headquarters Magazine, PDF - 40kb)

Boot Camp for Creating Personas and Scenarios    (ppt - available by request only)  


*All articles and presentations are under copyright by the author and may not be copied or used beyond viewing here without permission.