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          Carla Merrill, Ph.D. 

 Dr. Carla Merrill has over 13 years of experience as a
 UX Designer and Business Analyst.

 Her clients include Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline, Syngenta, Fujitsu Retail
 Systems, Wachovia, and the government of North Carolina.

 Carla has trained teams in UX processes and given UX seminars at a
 wide range of conferences devoted to software development, technical
 writing, software testing, software usability, and medical systems
 management. She is also the author of many publications in the UX field.

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            Training in UX Design and Usability Testing

All Companies recognize the importance of customer satisfaction---especially when customers use company software. It's bad business when a poor user experience causes a customer to look elsewhere for a company that can provide better service.

Companies can find out if their customers are unhappy with their software. But, they often don't know exactly what changes need to be made to provide the great user experience their customers want.

Chatham Design Consultants provides information and training to executives, managers, and project teams to answer these critical questions:

    What is UX Design and how can UX Designers improve the customer     experience of my company's software?

    If I hire a UX Designer, what skills do I look for and how do I evaluate

    How does a UX Designer integrate with my project team and
    project process?

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